The OCA's Concussion Return to Play and Learning Bill Gain "Concurrence" and is Re-Passed off the Senate Floor!!!

26 Yes, 3 No!

Dear Colleagues,


I am excited to inform you that the OCA’s Concussion Return to Play and Learning Bill Senate Bill 1547, just received full concurrence and was re-passed off the Senate Floor 26 Yes, 3 No!!  Next stop Governor Kate Brown’s desk for signature!!!


This represents three long years of work by the OCA and actually dates back to 2006 when the OSAA unilaterally did not include chiropractic physicians as one of the health professionals qualified to return an athlete to play and learning using the established stepwise protocols who had suffered a concussion.  This started a series of events leading to DCs being inappropriately restricted.


BIG, BIG thanks to Dr. Laura LaJoie “OCA Chiropractor of the Year” for all of her instrumental and critical work.  Also to our wonderful chiropractic sports physician Dr. Ted Forum who was stellar as well…..

Dr. Vern Saboe,

OCA Libbyiest