Introducing John Barker - New OCA Marketer!

New OCA marketing position created

Here is the link to John Barker's video introduction:

The OCA would like to introduce John Barker.   John is joining our team as the OCA Marketer.  His duties will include marketing, promotional, and educational efforts to promote chiropractic care around the state of Oregon. 

John has his own company WMC Business Services LLC.  Some of you may know him from his efforts to provide the benefits package to OCA members.  John is also an advocate for chiropractic care.  John has spent many years learning about and promoting chiropractic care as part of his programs for his clients. 

As the OCA Marketer, John’s main duties will be to promote chiropractic care to Oregon employers and organizations on behalf of our members and chiropractic care in general.  Here are some of his objectives. 

·         Promote chiropractic care to businesses who want to see enhanced care, lower costs and better quality of life for their employees

·         Speak at events that promote and enhance chiropractic care

·         Educate employers and individuals on the importance of incorporating chiropractic care as a primary option for care

·         Elevate the entire field of chiropractic care in the eyes of Oregonians all over the state

John will be coordinating with individual offices to promote chiropractic care to specific businesses.  While these efforts will promote chiropractic care in general, they will also drive new patients, new opportunities, and new and enhanced sources of revenues for the offices that participate. 

John, with his efforts through his company, will also be promoting chiropractic care throughout the state as a health insurance broker and risk management consultant.  Through his own efforts, John is working on:

·         Promoting chiropractic care as “primary care” within a health insurance plan

·         Developing a Wellness & Prevention Network of “primary care” chiropractors to place into businesses and health plans

·         Increasing participation from Oregon Chiropractors in an alternative medicine network that is being promoted by John’s company

·         Coordinating promotional and marketing efforts between the OCA, OCA Members, and WMC Business Services LLC to take chiropractic care to all Oregonians

With this last effort, please keep an eye out for the class that John will be teaching “How to Market Your Practice”.  It will show you how to best take advantage of all the publicity and buzz that will be generated to best support your practice. 

We do want to welcome to John to the OCA team and look forward to his efforts to promote chiropractic care.