Sweet Victory! - OCA's Concussion Return to Play Bill, SB-1547 Signed by Governor Yesterday


Yesterday Governor Kate Brown gave us a signing ceremony on our "Concussion Return to Play" bill (see photo below).  This was a long hard fought, political battle which only made our victory that much sweeter. This is about cultural authority, validation of our training and clinical skill sets and that our wonderful profession will not stand by and be disrespected.  We are now working on chiropractic reimbursement discrimination, copays, co-insurance, huge deductibles and arduous pre-authorizations protocols all of which are discriminatory.  Though we have federal and state non-discrimination provisions the law, on our side enforcement has been the problem. One thing is for sure, and for certain, the OCA will ensure to you all when we are on this side of what is right, what is fair, what is just ,we will not tire, we will not slow down or give in and we will never ever give up until the ship is righted!!!….it just takes so darn much time and energy…but we are getting there…..blessings, Dr. Vern Saboe, OCA Lobbyist

Standing from left to right: Tim Ray, Brain Injury Alliance ED Sherry Stock, Oregon State Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer, Dr. Ted Forcum, Dr. Laurie Lajoie, Senator Arnie Roblan, OCA Lobbyist Dr. Vern Saboe, Senator Laurie Monnes Anderson, OCA Pres. Dr. Will Schnieder, OCA's ED Jan Ferrante and sitting is Governor Kate Brown